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Cisco Systems Inc. (Ticker: NASDAQ – CSCO) is multinational technology company headquartered in San Jose California.

In the modern world there is an increased demand for networking, remote working, IoT – the internet of things and cloud computing.

Cisco is a world leader in IT, Networking, cybersecurity solutions. The company develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware and telecommunications equipment.

This is what makes this Cisco’s products necessary for an efficient and dynamic workforce where reliability is paramount.

The group has been powering the internet since 1984 with their products.

Products are well recognised within the IT industry providing robust hardware and infrastructure that is a familiar part in most office spaces.

This is a quality company that have been winning awards for their Investor Relations credentials since 2010. Further details can be found by clicking here.

Cisco was added to the portfolio in early March during the 2020 pandemic at just $38.72 dollars per share.

It has proved to be a fantastic investment by way of both share price appreciation and regular income.

I have also been fortunate in collecting those regular dividend payments, therefore I foresee Cisco as being a foundational portfolio stock well into the future, it is a great strong positional business we all need in todays modern connected world.

During 2024/25 I aim to increase holdings especially after the Splunk acquisition. The general consensus in the market (Which is one I agree) is that is a great fit for the business and will further enhance the Cisco’s offerings as a leading cloud networking provider, whilst strengthening its cyber security credentials position within the sector.

Cisco distributes a quarterly dividend which has just been increased by 0.01c to $0.40 cents for 2024/25.

Annualised dividend is $1.60 dollars.

Historical dividends dating back to 2011 can be found on their websites investor relation pages. Click here for a quick look of previous distributions.

Dividend yield: 3.34% (25/04/2024)

P/E: 14.56 (25/04/2024)

Fwd P/E: 13.65 (25/04/2024)

To date I have collected 4+ years (17 Quarterly Payments) totalling £495.15

Further income analysis can be found in the attached file below.


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