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Dividend Income 2019

Counting the cash!

After last years minor set back lets see how 2019’s dividend income faired at year end?

Total SIPP dividend income for 2019 was a respectable £2,435.76 averaging £202.98 per month or a year over year (YOY) increase of £607.32 verses 2018 (£1,828.44).

This was a welcome relief after the previous years stock reshuffle as a result of some profit taking meaning that I had lost some dividend income during 2018.

At this juncture I am asking myself: okay is the income trajectory back on track and can I now sustain these earnings? as I do not wish to repeat 2018’s income performance even though I was taking advantage of share value appreciation by locking in those paper profits.

This year you will see the inclusion of a few new stocks like Vodafone (Bi-annual dividend payments), The Renewable Infrastructure Trust or TRIG (Quarterly Payments) both contributing to the revenue as well as taking a step into my first monthly income stock called Vermillion, recommended through Seeking Alpha that proved to be a poor decision. (So the moral of this story is do not alway trust what you read, ensure that you conduct your own research as I have learnt, more on this later).

For your own equity analysis the full breakdown of payments across the year can be found in the file below:

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