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Haleon plc (FTSE 100: HLN) is listed on the London Stock Exchange, it is a British multinational consumer healthcare company.

Haleon was spun out of GSK and established on the 18th July 2022. It is the largest consumer healthcare business in the world. The business is a global leader in over the counter medicines.

The business is owned by GSK (13%) & Pfizer (32%) and the rest making up institutional funds and private investors.

Haleon’s purpose is to “improve the everyday health of everyone, everywhere”.

The company’s products are divided into 5 categories:

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Respiratory Health
  3. Digestive Health
  4. Oral Health
  5. Vitamins, minerals & supplements (VMS)

There are 9 Power Brands and then local strategic brands.

  1. Pain Relief – Advil, Excedrin, Fenbid, Panadol, Voltaren,
  2. Respiratory Health – Contac, Flonase, Otrivin, Theraflu.
  3. Digestive Health – Eno, Fenistil, Nicolette, Nexium, Tums.
  4. Oral Health – Aquafresh, biotene, Parodontax, Polident, Sensodyne.
  5. Vitamins, minerals & supplements (VMS) – Caltrate, Centrum, Emergen-C

Following the spin out from GSK the business is carrying quite an amount of debt, so at this early stage does not pay or distribute any dividends. Haleon intends to pay down debt so it’s deemed manageable before distributing any dividends.

I choose to have shares from holding my original 100 GSK shares, gaining one share of HLN for every held GSK share.

The reason I opted for the GSK share split was after reading, digesting and researching about the new business and where it would be positioned on the global stage. That’s where I perceive Haleon plc to be positioned in the future health care space. Knowing its current brands and size, together with the ability to build on, and add new brands and products, I foresee Haleon being a popular dividend stock in portfolios of the future.

Projections for the first distribution of a dividend will be in 2024 subject to, financials, debt obligations and repayments.

A third dividend of £0.042 pence per share paid on 16/05/24 (Ex-dividend 16/03/24)

We look forward to further increasing shareholder distributions subject to the debt reducing and that sales continuing to grow.

P/E: 19.01 (16/05/24)

Dividend Yield: 1.86% (16/05/24)

Total income received to date is just £8.40

Further information of previous dividend payments can be seen in the file below, all of which has been reinvested.

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