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The Worth Equities website has been created to demonstrate the compounding effect of Passive Investing and reinvesting the generated income. The Worth Equities Website including the webpages and related content and articles have been created and published to assist researchers and investors. Whilst all due care and attention has been taken when compiling the content from time to time errors and omissions may occur. Therefore we cannot be liable for any omissions or errors.

Any published information including news, market research, data, financials, statistics should be cross referenced against specific company webpages. Direct links have been provided for each business’s or organisation we cover. Direct links to either their websites or (IR) investor relation pages for the specific business in question have been provided. If you are ever unsure of a webpage then we suggest that you always search a business on leading search engines like Google, DuckDuck Go, Bing, Yahoo when finding company websites. Always ensure the website has secure connection.

Particular attention and important information should be noted from the expressive points we have listed below:

1, No information on this website should be deemed as a suggestion to purchase any equity or stock / share.

2, All visitors should heed the fact that “No Dividend is ever guaranteed”.

3, Specific company coverage is only correct at the time of writing however we cannot be responsible for errors in our own research or typos.

4, Specific metrics like P/E ratios / dividend yields / forward P/E / (ROI) return on investment / company debt change on a daily basis, therefore there could be a lag on our webpage reviews / updates.

5, Equity / stock prices are only correct as the time of writing. (Prices should not be used as advice on suggesting purchasing shares of any stocks / equities)

6, For the purpose of our published portfolio, previous portfolio performance is not a guide to future returns.

7, Dividends may be reduced or completely cut from payouts subject to the health of a business, state of the global economy or specific event be it: geopolitical tensions, politics, recessions etc

8, Errors and omissions may occur during publication and we cannot be responsible inaccurate content.

9, The specific portfolio covered is of one individuals preference and should not be copied.

10, When conducting your own research if you are unsure you should seek independent financial advice supplied by an accredited financial advisor.

11, This website and information contain herein is not and should not be deemed as financial advice, I/we are not financial advisors.

12, Worth equities are not responsible to failures of the website or corrupted data as a result of a data centre outage or hackers.

13, DIY investing is not for everyone, investing in funds may be more suitable for an individuals risk appetite and time required to manage a portfolio.

14, Please remember that when investing in either individual stocks & shares, funds, tracker funds and even managed funds, you may get back less then you originally invested.

15, Stock markets may rise and fall so you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

16, There are never any “get rich quick schemes” in passive investing, this is about being long in the market and investing for the longer term.

17, NEVER accept cold calls from anyone offering you an exciting investment opportunity its most likely a fraudster.

18, NEVER give money to someone else to invest, create your own accounts and manage your own financial freedom.

19, Use a trusted well established trading platform like Hargreaves Lansdown for instance.

20, Always set a buying price and more importantly a selling price before you even buy an equity or share.

21, Leave emotions at the door, NEVER get caught up in the heat of a next best thing or FAD

22, Ignore all the markets “White noise” and daily news otherwise you will be locking in losses.

23, Worth Equities is not responsible for events beyond its control.

I trust that we have covered the main points on our website and suggestions for daily markets.

Investing is about being sensible and logical when making your own investment choices.

Diversification is key!

Happy Investing!