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Dividend Income 2015

In 2015 I decided to consolidate two pensions that I considered to be underperforming, the funds were transferred into a Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).

Total amount transferred was approximately £36,000.

Having transferred the funds into a SIPP account, I then set out on my mission to manage my own retirement prospects.

A small initial income was achieved from selecting just three starter stocks out of the final quarter of 2015.

The value of the first income generated towards the SIPP account received totalled just £418.75.

However small the first annual amount was, I was still pleased as this was the first initial steps on my passive income journey.

NB: For readers and followers, this is just one pension out of a total 5 pensions I hold from previous employers schemes.

Unfortunately two previous employers schemes ended up in the pension top up scheme as two of the companies fell into administration (I would like to add: after I left their employment).

These two old company pensions fell victim to poor management and a loss in the pensions accounts. Before transferring any pensions always check to ensure you do not lose any rights to those schemes as this can severely impact any future protections that are in place.

If you are unsure always check with your pension administrator or a profession financial advisor before transferring or combining any old pension funds.

To provide a full breakdown and help summarise the first year dividend income for 2015 in the SIPP please see the file below:

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