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The mission of the website & blog is to help empower individual investors by demonstrating the power of compound investing.

This website has been created to help anybody investing or thinking about investing money into stocks & shares / equities.

Total dividend income currently stands at £23,323.23 (31/03/24)

Whether you are saving into a ISA, SIPP or if you are just generally interested in creating a little passive income, I hope that you enjoy these webpages and combined historical dividend data I have generated through eight years of personal investing.

By sharing historical data the aim is to help provide a thesis for your own research and investing strategies.

I trust you will find the cumulative dividend income data beneficial when making your own investments decisions.

Back in 2013 I did not how to start investing, then having started in 2014 it was still difficult to physically seeing how compound investing works.

There were and still are lots and lots of content or articles relating to “how to generate a passive income” and “dividend investing”, however I wanted to physically see how the money generated affects the continued growth of ones portfolio.

Once you start your investing journey and providing you are looking long term, then generating a regular income is relatively easy. 

Hopefully you will start to witness your own steady and continuous source of income from dividends be it: monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually.

Please see the chart below which will provide a quick snapshot of the growing year over year annual income.

Financial Year end 2023/24 dividend income reached £4,253.03 or the equivalent to £354.42 per calendar month.

This is a 9.66% increase over 2022/23 year end figures. The financial gain was an additional £374.70 in dividends.

2023 annual target was set to achieve £4,200.00 or equivalent £350.00 PCM.

Overall dividends received up to 31/12/2023 is £4,170.18 (£347.52 per month), so just shy of the above target.

This small but steady stream of income (combined with a little regular savings) provides an opportunity and the flexibility to further reinvest those dividends, allowing you the freedom to further increase shares in a particular equity or by adding an additional new stocks to the portfolio.

Personally, I prefer to select my own investments when reinvesting dividends rather than just selecting “auto reinvestment”. 

Just because I choose to invest in a particular stock 6-8 years ago, it may not be beneficial to be auto reinvesting back into the same stock. There may be a myriad of reasons or factors affecting a reinvestment decision i.e. the share price could have increased in value or is at a record high. You simply may not wish to hold more of that same stock but neither want to sell it for the reason of diversification.

The same equity could be out of favour now or perhaps the weighting within the portfolio for this particular sector is as high as you would like, you may even be wishing to reduce it.

The point I am making is, by reinvesting the dividends the way you wish provides further opportunity to add new holdings or increasing existing holdings, in which case may help diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.

Earning dividends on top of new dividends is referred to as “compound investing”.

By building a portfolio of income generating stocks in a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) account in 2015, I began to generate income and witness the year over year effects of compound reinvesting.

At the date of writing this article on Friday 31st December 2021, total dividends received was just £14,314.45.

Total dividend income currently stands at £23,323.23 (31.03.24)

(For international followers it converts approximately to $27,073.75 US dollars subject to currency exchange rates)

The website contains downloadable files for individual equities providing their historical payments for each investment.

You will find the consolidated year over year earnings files, so you too can witness the cumulative effect all the stocks generate on an annual basis.

There is an aim to provide useful links to the official companies websites that are in the portfolio, including ticker symbols to help identify stocks on their relevant stock indices / markets.

PE ratios, dividend yields are all correct as of the time of writing and will be updated as and when pages and earnings updates are published either quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

All this information if free so there are no charges or fees to view all the features on the website.

A donations page is available if you feel the content is of value and you would like to continue supporting the website & articles please click here. Thank you!

Happy Investing and Thanks for reading!

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This website or webpage is not a suggestion to purchase or invest in any stocks / equities and is presented purely for research analysis.

Investing is not for everybody as we all have different tolerances to risk, different time frames and skill sets.

Please remember all investments can rise as well as fall, so all the hard earned money you invest you may never recover if an individual investment fails.

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