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Glaxosmithkline (Ticker: FTSE 100 – GSK) is a British multinational pharmaceutical company. Formed in 2000 by a merger between Glaxo Wellcome & SmithKline & Beecham.

GSK is a global player with an annual turnover of 29.3 billion in 2022.

There were several reasons for holding this particular equity from the outset of my investing days back in 2014/15:

1, GSK is one of the FTSE 100 constituents and is a well recognised well run mature business.

2, GSK distributes a regular quarterly dividend and has been paying these out for many years, click the link to their official website where you will find quarterly dividend history right back to the first quarter of 2001.

3, GSK is a well established business with over 300 years of R&D.

4, GSK is a global pharmaceuticals business with a worldwide reach and revenues to match. (31/12/22 – £29.3 Billion)

5, GSK is well established in prescription medicines like: Amoxil, Advair,

There are too many to name, click here for a full list: (A comprehensive A-Z list can be found on their web-site).

6, GSK has been extending its (R&D) research and development into new fields like Oncology, Immuno-inflamation and human Genetics seeking new medicines and therapies.

7, GSK could be viewed as part of a diversified stock portfolio as it is not too heavily reliant on any one market for revenues

8, GSK finished the year (2022) with free cashflow of £3.3 Billion

2022 the year the Business split into two

2022 was a transformational year as the business split into two parts:

1, Consumer Healthcare (over the counter medicines) Haleon plc (HLN)

2, Vaccines Business the existing GSK company.

GSK’s most recent quarterly dividend per share is £0.15 pence payable on the 11/07/2024

I have been an investor since 2015

As you will see in the file below, I initially started out holding 330 shares back in 2015 but decided to take a little profits in 2018 which reduced my holdings from 330 to 100 shares.

Since the demerger the GSK holding has reduced to 80 GSK shares however I gained an additional 100 Haleon Shares.

I still see an investment case in continuing to hold GSK as its a solid business, therefore it will remain within the SIPP portfolio for the foreseeable future.

The SIPP portfolio has enjoyed the earnings or dividend income since 2015.

GSK has generated total income of £848.40 in dividends.

All dividends have been reinvested back into the portfolio.

P/E is currently 10.50 (11/04/2024)

Dividend yield is 3.53% (11/04/2024)

Further dividend analysis can be found in the file below.


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